Trash and treasure

Welcome to Netflea’s blog!

Dear customers and associates, here you can find both our official and unofficial news and blog posts about recycling, selling and buying second-hand products, and reuse in general. This blog is a glimpse of Netflea’s service from our virtual flea market’s backroom!

We established our first blog already in 2014, but now we are updating this media to year 2017 and publishing different language versions of it due to our increasing number of clients in European countries.

The main writer of Trash and Treasure is Heli, who gave a New Year’s resolution that she will learn to make more environment-friendly choices this year. She has been doing small things during the years, like recycling household waste and avoiding private motoring, but there are still many responsible choices to focus on. More of this later!

We hope you will enjoy our service, dear followers!

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