Hello, hallo, hoi and cześć, Europe!

We’re proud to tell we’ve opened our second hand web shop Netflea now also in German, Dutch and Polish!

Our service has been available already in English in 13 European countries (Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland). Now European customers speaking German, Dutch or Polish can use our service with their native language and also with their own currency!

In the future more language options will be opened. We’re looking forward to that! 🙂

Meanwhile, please check our new sites:





Flea market at your screen – how to begin?

If you want to sell items:

  1. Go to our home page (netflea.com) and sign up by creating a username and a password or sign in by using your Facebook account.
  2. Go through your wardrobes, closets, storages etc. and choose the items you would like to sell. Take photos of your items using a smartphone, tablet or digital camera. Pay attention to the lighting and background – great photos sell faster!
  3. Add items to our service using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Write a small info about your products. Clear descriptions will make buying easier.
  4. We will review your items and send you a link via email for printing out the shipping label.
  5. You will find ID numbers of your items from your user account. Attach ID numbers clearly to the items for example by using a piece of paper tape and a permanent marker for numbering.
  6. Print the shipping label, pack the numbered items to a cardboard box, seal it tightly and attach the label.
  7. We publish the items for sale as soon as they arrive at our central warehouse. We will inform you when your items are available to buy.
  8. You can track the sales process and manage your sales credit at your account. You can use your sales credit for shopping or transfer funds to your bank account any time.

Don’t throw your useless stuff to waste bin – send it to us and earn money!


If you want to buy items:

  1. Go to our service (netflea.com). Browse through the item categories or use the search function.
  2. Add the items you want to your shopping cart. The entire cart is delivered to you for the standard shipping fee!
  3. Pay the items with your preferred payment method.
  4. We will ship the items on the next day. The delivery time depends on the shipping destination.
  5. Please note: There’s only one piece of every item. Same product may be in several shopping carts at the same time, but the first buyer will get the item – so be quick! 🙂

Think green and buy your stuff second-hand from our web shop!

Trash and treasure

Welcome to Netflea’s blog!

Dear customers and associates, here you can find both our official and unofficial news and blog posts about recycling, selling and buying second-hand products, and reuse in general. This blog is a glimpse of Netflea’s service from our virtual flea market’s backroom!

We established our first blog already in 2014, but now we are updating this media to year 2017 and publishing different language versions of it due to our increasing number of clients in European countries.

The main writer of Trash and Treasure is Heli, who gave a New Year’s resolution that she will learn to make more environment-friendly choices this year. She has been doing small things during the years, like recycling household waste and avoiding private motoring, but there are still many responsible choices to focus on. More of this later!

We hope you will enjoy our service, dear followers!

Please check our website: netflea.com